WVV Half Marathon

3000 participants and you are part of it.

Half Marathon

The WVV Half Marathon will start on 26. Mai 2024 at 9:00 am. More than 3.000 participants enjoy this marathon in spring that leads past many of Würzburg's architectural monuments. Track is measured by the directives of DLV. You'll find the Conditions of Participation here.

Free Choice of Distance

Changing from Marathon to Half Marathon is possible, as long as the race is finished after 21,1 km. If the distance of a marathon is not reached the distance of the half marathon will be counted. Important: Victories and age group-scores will only be accounted for when the participant passes the official timing-line of the Half Marathon-finish. If you cross the Half Marathon control mat and break off afterwards there won't be an account for the Half Marathon.


Start: 9:00 am in front of Congress Centre Würzburg (CCW)
Finish deadline: 2:30 pm (5:30 hours)

Services Offered

  • Contest preparation
  • Event magazine
  • WVV-Marathon-Expo with supporting program
  • Müller-Bäcks Hörnchenlauf
  • Burks Pastaparty sponsored by Creana Pasta
  • Clothes deposit
  • Pacemaker
  • Refreshments
  • Premium medical support
  • Finisher medal
  • Finish Line Banquet
  • Hot Showers
  • Immediate certificate and online printing option
  • Name on racing number for registrations until December

Victory Ceremony

Those gaining one of the first three places in one of the overall classifications will be honored right after the respective competition. As the athletics regulation says only the gross time can be taken to analyze the placement. The gross time is the time between the starting shot and walking over the finish line.

If the net time would be taken it could happen that a runner of a line behind has a faster time but was not the one walking over the finish line first. This would be confusing for visitors, runners and the media.

The first one crossing the finish line should be the winner and celebrated.
Ceremonies are only for Marathon, Half Marathon, 10km race and Firmenlauf. All other runs are about being a part of the fun.

This is to inform you that starting from this year’s marathon the Wuerzburg-Marathon will not grant any benefits for runners from foreign countries. There will be no price moneys paid to the winners, and no invitations for visa application will be issued.
Winners of the last years
year men time women time
2001 Dirk Nürnberger 1:08:52 Mulu Kassa (ETH) 1:21:34
2002 Noah Talam (KEN) 1:05:22 Barbara Krauthahn 1:31:04
2003 Moses Cheserek (KEN) 1:07:18 Melanie Sperlein 1:25:18
2004 Noah Talam (KEN) 1:07:07 Irene Jerotich Kosgei (KEN) 1:20:31
2005 Gamachu Roba 1:07:36 Friederike Back 1:23:45
2006 Josphat Chemjor (KEN) 1:07:07 Alem Ashebir (ETH) 1:15:20
2007 Markus Unsleber 1:12:45 Carmen Klenk 1:20:26
2008 Manuel Stöckert 1:08:40 Elvira Rölli 1:28:32
2009 Julius Arile (KEN) 1:04:18 Selly Kaptich (KEN) 1:18:50
2010 Moses Kiptum (KEN) 1:06:26 Christine Chepkomei (KEN) 1:17:31
2011 Charles Korir (KEN) 1:03:49 Caroline Kwambai (KEN) 1:14:46
2012 Patrick Mugur Ereng (KEN) 1:03:46 Lucy Macharia (KEN) 1:14:24
2013 Patrick Ereng (KEN) 1:02:54 Lucy Macharia (KEN) 1:13:37
2014 Ifa Keneni (ETH) 1:06:38 Laura Zimmermann 1:23:26
2015 Fiederling, Patrick (GER) 1:12:46 Milton, Felicity (ENG) 1:18:57
2016 Kedir Burka (GER) 1:09:58 Julia Skala (GER) 1:31:27
2017 Cabdigiani (SOM) 1:10:39 Verena Ibel (GER) 1:31:06
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Entry fees

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