Registration for the 17th iWelt-Marathon Würzburg and for the iWelt-Firmenlauf in Eibelstadt.


Entry fees

Register now and be part of it.



Entry Fees Marathon
from 18 years on

  • Extra Charge from 1.1.2017 on
    5 EURO
  • Extra Charge from 1.4.2017 on
    10 EURO
  • Last Minute Registration on the Marathon Weekend
    15 EURO

Half Marathon


Entry Fees Marathon
from 16 years on

  • Extra Charge from 1.1.2017 on
    4 EURO
  • Extra Charge from 1.4.2017 on
    8 EURO
  • Last Minute Registration on the Marathon Weekend
    15 EURO



Entry Fees Firmenlauf
without age restriction

  • Extra Charge from 1.3.2017 on
    3 EURO

  • Last Minute Registration on the Marathon Day
    3 EURO


100per relay

Entry Fees Relay Race
6 runners

  • from 1.1.2017 on: 110 EURO
  • from 1.4.2017 on: 130 EURO
    Last Minute Registration on Marathon Weekend: 130 EURO
  • Pupils Race: 64 EURO
    Last Minute Registration on Marathon Weekend: 75 EURO

Starting Documents

Confirmation of Registration
After the Online-Registration you'll automatically receive a confirmation of registration. Please take this document to the racing numbers distribution desk.
If you didn't receive a confirmation of registration (e.g. if you register offline) it is sufficient if you bring your ID-card and tell your racing number. On the Marathon Weekend you'll bring your confirmation of registration to thedistribution of racing numbers at the iWelt-Marathon-Expo at the Congress Centrum Würzburg (CCW) and you'll get your starting documents in return.

Opening Hours
Saturday 10:00 am – 7:00 pm iWelt Marathon-Expo at CCW
Sunday 06:30 am – 3:00 pm iWelt Marathon-Expo at CCW

Deadline for all Races: 07.05.2017

After this deadline registration is only possible on the Marathon Weekend. For relay races you can't register on the Marathon Weekend. Everyone who registers on the weekend and doesn't have a Champion-Chip gets a white "Single Use-Chip" for a rental fee of 5,- EUR. This Chip must be returned until 5:00 pm because you can only use them once and it's not for sale. At the children's races on Saturday there won't be any rental fees for the Champion-Chip.


Order with your registration.


Medal & Logo-Chip

Engraving of your Finisher-Medal

This year the team of "msm-masters" offers you the possibility to engrave your personal finishing time on your medal directly on-site.
The Engraving will be done with a very high-grade laser, that makes it possible to do the proceeding fast and precisely. Price of the Engraving: 8,00 Euro and for children: 5,00 Euro.
The engraving-team of "msm-masters" is available for engraving on Saturday at the children's races as well as on Sunday.


There are two possibilities to order the Logo-Chip of the iWelt Marathon Würzburg:
Possibility 1: You order your chip during your online registration for the run.
Possibility 2: You order your chip independently of your registration. For this click here.
Of course this chip can be used all over the world.


We care about your health.

Health Information

To support your start in your physcial activity in the best way and to prevent a endangerment of health we ask you to fill in the GermanRoadRaces questionnaire. The data will be documented by the "Deutsche Sporthochschule Köln". You'll get the evaluation of your data at the end of the questionnaire. Please take two minutes to protect your health!
Pay attention to the GRR-questionnaire BEFORE your registration

Take care of an appropriate training condition. A participation in an intensive preparatory course with consideration of training organization, nutrition and rules of conduct is advisable before, during and after the competition. Close to the race you should have a health check at a specialist.


Racing Numbers for Life

Those athletes that register for the iWelt Marathon Würzburg the tenth time get a lifelong racing number and will be incorporated to the "Würzburg-Marathon Jubiläums-Club". This club is open for all runners that participated in the competition at least ten times the distance is all the same. The membership is free.
The club offers some advantages: the members get an individual lifelong racing number that is designed in a special way so that the visitors and other participants recognize that these are special athletes. On top of that the racing numbers entitle the members to visit the small VIP are on Saturday in the Congress Centrum Würzburg.
Club Admission
If some athletes participate the tenth time they will also get a jubilee shirt as a present and the permission to register the following year for free.
Unfortunately the IT programs can't find out the jubilee participants. So if you want to become a member you have to send in the confirmation of registration, the copies of your certificates or extracts of the lists of result. It is most simple if you attach proof of the nine past races when you register for your tenth.
The "Würzburg-Marathon Jubiläums-Club" is constantly open. So if your tenth race is in 2011, 2012 or 2020 you can still get a member then. The conditions stay the same: Ten successful participations entitle your membership.

Caution: Approach for those who get a free start after the tenth participation.
Please register by clicking the sent link of MIKA-Timing so that you don't have to pay entry fees.
If you order Finisher shirts or running equipment you have to do an indication of your banking connection!
The registration has to be done before 31.12.!

Approach for the jubilee athletes: Please register by clicking the sent link of MIKA-Timing so that you're given a racing number for life and you don't have to pay entry fees. If you order Finisher shirts or running equipment you have to do an indication of your banking connection! 10 praticipations - you'll get a racing number for life
Jubilee Club
Racing Number for Life First Name Surname
10001 Werner Teufel
10002 Roland Sattler
10003 Wolfgang Kern
10004 Dominik Litz
10005 Dr. Joachim Schultze
10006 Peter Thamm
10007 Margit Thamm
10008 Peter Kraus
1000 Richard Wust
10009 Gerd Baum
10010 Bernd Herbert
10011 Martin Düll
10012 Adolf Rösch
10013 Udo Engelhardt
10014 Manfred Hack
10015 Alexander Schüll
10016 Arnulf Duscha
10017 Wolfgang Schäfer
10018 Süleyman Gögercin
10019 Edmund Bertsch
10020 Daniel Kuhnke
10021 Mark Vollrath
10022 Sabine Dluczek
10023 Manfred Gawlas
10024 Richard Endrich
10025 Hans-Günter Jahna
10026 Norbert Frey
10027 Stefan Werner
10028 André Hrdina
10029 Arno Greiner
10030 Manfred Geßner
10031 Ralf Biedermann
10032 Peter Schülein
10033 Ulrich Werner
10034 Michael Ginter
10035 Klaus Großmann
10036 Dietmar Werner
10037 Herbert Müller
10038 Werner Amthor
10039 Wolfgang Spies
10040 Joachim Deitert
10041 Udo Wegmann
10042 Thomas Kraft
10043 Peter Scholz
10044 Jürgen Beier
10045 Joachim Kilian
10046 Gerd W. Dollansky
10047 Ulrich Müller
10048 Stephan Seitz
10049 Udo Engelhardt
10050 Clemens Ruf
10051 Ebi Schmid
10052 Klaus Bauerfeind
10053 Manfred Hain
10054 Otmar Troll
10055 Werner König
10056 Wolfgang Lipp
10057 Oliver Paulus
10058 Volker Keil
10059 Günther Dengel
10060 Peter Ort
10061 Dieter Feitsch
10062 Rainer Hofmann
10063 Harald Räbel
10064 Johannes Lachmann
10065 Martin Kübert
10066 Peter Schöppach
10067 Helene Vogel
10068 Thomas Albert
10069 Günter Heilmann
10070 Christian Reiter
10071 Hubert Hertlein
10072 Peter Schanzenbächer
10074 Martina Schneider
10075 Christian Fischer
10076 Christoph Steinberger
10077 Florian Meister
10078 Roland Krieg
10079 Felix Ehrenfeld
10080 Alfons Thiele
10081 Dieter Roth
10082 Gerhard Baunach
10083 Siegbert Hummel
10084 Joachim Gaul
10085 Volker Hemberger
10086 Marcus Jockschat
10087 Hans Eitel
10088 Gerlinde Eitel
10089 Edith Güthlein
10090 Walter Götz
10091 Armin Büchs
10092 Jens Amthor
10093 Hans Daumberger
10094 Harald Mantel
10095 Rainer Dargatz
10096 Andreas Jungbauer
10097 Ralph Woith
10098 Holger Franz
10099 Andreas Förster
10100 Winfried Braun
10101 Dieter Limpert
10102 Michaela Röschlau
10103 Harald Rößler
10104 Fritz Jäger
10105 Gerd Müller
10106 Evelyn Hain
10107 Maria Rehm
10108 Christina de Witt
10109 Johann Schurz
10110 Johann Benkert
10111 Helmut Bergup
10112 Helmut Grimm
10113 Uwe Sauer
10114 Joachim Hupp
10115 Hermann Hofmann
10116 Ulrich Schmitt
10117 Edwin Kuhn
10118 Andreas Bamberger
10119 Otto Schneider
10120 Toni Röschlau
10121 Leonore Füller
10122 Berthold Schmitt
10123 Peter Wetzel
10124 Stephan Beer
10125 Johannes Szabo
10126 Sylvia Wetzel
10127 Fritz Zeltner
10128 Matthias Rüth
10129 Tobias Schellenberger
10130 Joachim Vorndran
10131 Georg Zorn
10132 Stefan Zitzmann
10133 Günter Koll
10134 Karl Haag
10135 Thomas Weber
10136 Rainer Landeck
10137 Cornelia Stänicke
10138 Stefan Schmitt
10139 Jürgen Wilbert
10140 Ingrid Eitelwein
10141 Stefan Adelfinger
10142 Hannelore Mai
10143 Katja Schraud
10144 Erwin Jäger
10145 Ute Jurk
10146 Sebastian Endres
10147 Peter Wolter
10148 Erich Schmitt
10149 Frank Kümmet
10150 Andreas Müller
10151 Heike Gretsch
10152 Gisela Küstner
10153 Karin Nebel-Keil
10154 Peter Keil
10155 Hartmuth Leib
10156 Dr. Albrecht Wördehoff
10157 Doris Brand
10158 Dietmar Ehni
10159 Karl-Norbert Klotz
10160 Frieder Lorenz
10161 Wolfgang Schmitt
10162 Günter Metz
10163 Horst Ulbrich
10164 Jürgen Betka
10165 Harald Schlenker
10166 Thomas Falk
10167 Georg Vetter
10168 Christian Kubik
10169 Christoph Schulte-Eickhoff
10170 Hubert Weiss
10171 Georg Hemmelmann
10172 Anton Meurer
10173 Markus Appelmann
10174 Tanja Brenneis
10175 Hermann Götz
10176 Angelika Meurer
10177 Karl Schweitzer
10178 Andreas Reuter
10179 Helmut Walbert
10180 Joachim Dorobek
10181 Joachim Böpple
10182 Helmut Manger
10183 Ulrich Rumpel
10184 Michael Schrauth
10185 Jochen Mai
10186 Lucia Herr
10187 Hubert Held
10188 Peter Markert
10189 Johannes Siess
10190 Karin Fischer
10191 Robert Menz
10192 Werner Beuschel
10193 Robin Zorn
10194 Frank Wrubel
10195 Matthias Barthelmes
10196 Wendula Megner
10197 Horst Steinmetz
10198 Thomas Herpich
10199 Berthold Werner
10200 Bernhard Bübl
10201 Hilmar Freundschig
10202 Michael Feitenhansl
10203 Claudio Palma
10204 Horst Büttner
10205 Silke Lammich
10206 Wolfgang Burgmaier
10207 Edwin Reuß
10208 Thomas Öhrlein
10209 Albin Neckermann
10210 Arnold Model
10211 Hans-Peter Müller
10212 Dieter Sattler
10213 Wilfried Bausenwein
10214 Klaus Knoppe
10215 Oliver Leimig
10216 Stefan Hufgard
10217 Alfred Nierlich
10218 Monika von Pock
10219 Thomas Fertig
10220 Ursula Schwemmle
10221 Walter Megner
10222 Monika Betzel
10223 Christian Wimmer
10224 Philipp Hansen
10225 Walter Weber
10226 Christine Karl
10227 Petra Metz
10228 Karl Gerhard
10229 Ralf Winter

List of Participants

You will receive a confirmation of registration right after your online registration. This confirmation is necessary to get your starting documents at the Marathon Weekend! Please print the confirmation and find out your racing number one week before you collect the documents on the internet or in CCW. Notice, that it can take several days for the registration-process until you appear in the participants database.
Event Conditions
You will not have any claim for reimbursement. It is, however, possible to cover this risk by taking out an entry fee cancellation insurance for an extra fee of 5,– €. In case of illness, severe accident, death or loss of employment, the entry fee will be reimbursed. Only by one-time direct debiting authorization or Euro Cheque. Registrations, for which the participation fee is not credited at the same time, will not be processed. Payment in cash or by wire transfer possible. Any registration will only be valid, if the participant has completely filled-out and signed the registration form or completed the online registration form. For minors and students, documents of any kind require to be signed by a parent/guardian. For the Team Scoring it is mandatory to fill out the „Association“ field. Associations are asked to provide their members' registrations jointly and with identical association names. The race takes place in all weathers. You can change your registration until the deadline (plus possible higher entry fees, there won't be an reimbursement). On the Marathon Weekend there will be a fee for changing your registration of 5,- €.
Conditions of Participation
The Stadtmarathon Würzburg is organized according to the Rules and Regulations of the Deutsche Leichtathletikverband and is open for male and female runners (marathon: 18 years of age; half marathon: 16 years of age, and older, respectively). There will be a Team Scoring (m/f) as of three participants upwards. Categories: Men/Women (separate rankings); categories as per age groups according to DLO regulation. Special Ratings (see awards).
This is to inform you that starting from this year’s marathon the Wuerzburg-Marathon will not grant any benefits for runners from foreign countries. There will be no price moneys paid to the winners, and no invitations for visa application will be issued.